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National Association of Private Schools

Marvin L. Reynolds, M.Ed., Executive Director
“Recognizing Excellence in Education”
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Date: 11/25/2013


Dear School Administrator,

This letter is to congratulate you and your staff for having maintained your accreditation status with the National Association of Private Schools.

  • Enclosed you will find a copy of your school accreditation invoice for the renewal of your school accreditation for this school year.
  • In order to maintain your accreditation we will need to receive your school renewal fee.
  • We have enclosed a copy of this school year’s Accreditation Certification.

When talking to your parents or enrolling students you can refer to your accreditation by pointing to your N.A.P.S. desk plaque or to your accreditation certificate. You may use the term.

“National Association of Private Schools Accredited”

Marvin L. Reynolds

This is useful in your newsletters, advertising, transcripts, grade cards, and web sites.

This is useful in your to click on “MEMBER SCHOOLS” and find “your school name” listed.

We of the association are very proud to have your school as a part of our organization. Please call if you have any questions or if we may assist you.

Marvin L. Reynolds, M Ed.