About Us

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thumb imageThank you for choosing The BEE Academy for your child’s education! We welcome your child to a myriad of opportunities for academic learning, technological skills advancement and lots of fun with peers their age.

The BEE Academy simply means “To Become Enriched and Encouraged”

At The BEE Academy, we always expect our students (young and old) to strive for excellence inside and outside of the classroom. We pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t have very large classes. The environment at The BEE Academy provides a student/faculty ratio of one to sixteen.

Many students really need personal attention, smaller classes and the opportunity to know their faculty members. The curriculum at The BEE Academy is the Sunshine State Standards.

In short…The BEE Academy is a beacon of H.O.P.E.

Mission Statement:

The mission of The BEE Academy is to build successful, socially productive and respectful students who are motivated about school, responsible for their lives and are positive and helpful in their behaviors at home, school and in the community.

Personal Statement:

The BEE Academy was started I sensed that many of our kids were missing a lot of LOVE and HOPE. We have homeless children and children who are not given clear guidance as well as children who raise themselves. Throughout the country, we have high absentee rates, poor academic grades, high suspension levels and high failure rates. This only tells me that someone must tell that child(s) parent(s), “You are better than this”.

In closing, our needs to find out or investigate, what else is this child dealing with? I have also learned not to be as judgmental and to really put myself in the shoes of others, to understand their dynamics, all while expecting their very best effort.

P.S You must learn to: Read, Write and do Arithmetic.