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Individual Attention

Students are immediately immersed into a community.

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State of the Art

Our approach to technology supports our mission.

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Centrally Located

The BEE Academy is located in South Miami.

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We Help Turn Dreams Into Reality The Bee Academy

The BEE Academy is a community in itself. Our doors are open to a variety of individuals who are looking for educational advancement so they can take better control of their future. Your training and education can start at The BEE Academy, in a facility located in Miami, FL 33157.

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Services We Offer Kindergarten to 8

Apart from helping them become academically competent, we also give great emphasis in making well-rounded, responsible individuals at The BEE Academy.

Helping Students Become Academically Competent Mission Statement

The mission of The BEE Academy is to build successful, socially productive, and respectful students who are motivated about school, responsible for their lives, and are positive and helpful in their behaviors at home, at school, and in the community. [ Click Here » ]

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Thank you for trusting in our educators. We will be happy to receive your referrals online.

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Our Photo Gallery

Browse through our collection of photos to see how your children can make the most out of fun-filled learning at The Bee Academy.

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The BEE Academy has staff members who are happy meet you in person for a consultation.

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