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Students at The BEE Academy are
immediately immerse into a
community that offers...
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State of the Art

The BEE Academy’s approach to
technology supports its mission:
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Centrally Located

The BEE Academy is located in South
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Welcome to The Bee Academy

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The BEE Academy is a community in itself.Our doors are open to a variety of individuals who are looking for educational advancement so they can take better control of their future. Your training and education can start at The BEE Academy, in a facility located in Miami Fl. 33157 .

Our community of educators offers the support that is essential to every child.Upon enrollment, the student’s first support is their subject teacher.We get to know our students, learn about their experiences and provide them the academic guidance and emotional support; encouraging them to achieve their fullest potential,not because society expects it from them, but because they can do it!

We help turn dreams into reality. From the beginning, we immerse students in technology-based training that will help prepare them for their future careers. Apart from helping them become academically competent, we also give great emphasis in making well-rounded, responsible individuals at The BEE Academy.

The BEE Academy is located on Miami Fl.

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